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Our family of companies has been in the default mortgage and real estate space for more than 30 years. Our CEO, Brad Geisen ran the original pilot that privatized HUD’s Marketing and Management Program that is still in place today. We launched back in ’99 which we sold in 2019 and in 2009 became a Tier 1 vendor for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. If you have ever used or those are our technologies.

We got into the bankruptcy space back in 2014 as we saw an opportunity to bring solutions to the banks in the sale of properties in BK rather than leaving them dormant for years in some cases. Even in low filing years, there are nearly one million bankruptcies filed, with half of them involving real estate. Historically, the banks cannot do anything with these properties due to the protection afforded to the homeowner by their bankruptcy. The banks have seen the success we have with selling these assets for Trustees and have now been giving us their loans to pursue a pre-foreclosure sale.

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