The purpose of this webinar is to help homeowners understand their rights and options in bankruptcy to ensure a better outcome and a fresh start.

In most cases, homeowners that file Bankruptcy end up in foreclosure, evicted, and suffer long-term financial hardship.

  • Learn the  differences and benefits between loan modifications, short sales, and reaffirmation agreements
  • What most debtors don’t know when choosing to “Retain” their home.
  • What you need to do to retain your home.
  • What most debtors don’t know when you  “Surrender” your home.
  • The benefits of surrendering your home.
  • How to avoid foreclosure, eviction, and long-term financial hardship.
  • What the Trustees and Attorneys may not be explaining fully to you!

BK Global is the nation’s leader in providing bankruptcy solutions to Homeowners, Trustees, Lenders, and Attorneys.

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Patrick Butler
COO, Business Development

Steve Shiller
President, Servicing & Compliance

Stephen Chip
VP, Bankruptcy Services

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