Step 1 – Get Certified

First things first. Take the certification training to get up to speed. Click here. There are a couple of videos you can watch to understand the huge opportunity that awaits you. Questions? Call (855) 658-1254

Step 2 – Fill your toolbox

BK Global has provided tools for you to use in your quest to obtain bankruptcy listings. We will continually update these materials so keep visiting this site or give us a call!

Step 3 - Practice, drill and rehearse

As a Bankruptcy Specialist, you will be dealing with a new type of customer. There are language, processes, and skills that will enable you to dominate this space. Review the scripts from your toolbox, customize your presentations and perfect your letters/emails, and you are off to the races.

Step 4 - Start Prospecting!

As you have learned throughout this program, a significant percentage of these homeowners will be facing foreclosure if they don't sell now. Reach out to the debtor's counsel and hit the touchpoints in your scripts. You will have success very quickly. If you run into any issues or challenges you are unfamiliar with go on to the next step!

Step 5 - Contact BK Global

Remember, BK Global is your partner in profit. If you have any questions, challenges or success stories we'd love to hear about them. This is also the next step when you get your listing pipeline built. We're here to process these files with you every step of the way.

FAQs - The Entire Process at a Glance

We have set up a section that will walk you through the entire process as a Bankruptcy Specialist. If you have any questions along the way we encourage you to reach out to us at info [at] or contact one of the team members.

View the Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a real estate agent or broker and have not yet completed the Bankruptcy Specialist Certification Course, click here to get started.