Send this letter to Debtor's Counsel along with a copy of the Sample Letter to Debtor also found in the Tools section.

Date: ______________
Homeowner Name: _______________
Address: _______________________
Case #_________________________
RE: ___________________________

Dear [Name of Debtors Counsel],
My name is [Your Name] and I am a local real estate agent and Bankruptcy Specialist with [Company Name]. We partner with BK Global, a nationwide company that specializes in the sale of real estate properties associated with bankruptcy cases.

We work with surrendered real estate for Bankruptcy Trustees, Debtor's Counsel and/or their clients when the Trustee has abandoned the asset and Debtors Counsel in Chapter 7 and 13 cases. Our team specifically works on cases where the homeowner has surrendered their house and is looking to sell it. The majority of our sales include those where a negotiated settlement ("short sale") with the creditor is necessary. We have a very experienced team that works closely with creditors to get deals completed and provide the financial relief that your client (the debtors) seeks when they surrender their property. Our fee comes from the real estate transaction as part of the brokers' commission, so you and your client do not have to pay us out of pocket for our work.

We have successfully worked with your client's creditor in the past and we wanted to reach out to you and your client about this case. Depending on the situation, and subject to creditor approval, in most cases we can negotiate incentive allowances for debtors and legal fees for you, for assistance with the transaction.

In a review of cases, it came to our attention that this property was surrendered as part of the bankruptcy. If your client is interested in selling their home I have attached a letter explaining to your client exactly what we do, and an informational brochure. If your client is interested, please have them contact us immediately. Should you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you.


[Your Name]

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