The BK Global Bankruptcy Broker Certification Program

Our website has every bankruptcy case with mortgage and property matches nationwide. Our premier brokers have access to ALL of that data so they can PROACTIVELY pursue these listing opportunities. We realized that our team will never be able to contact every homeowner or attorney and launched the Bankruptcy Specialist program to partner with local agents and brokers to secure these listings.

We all know what the next few years are going to result in defaulted loans and statistically, 25% of all REOs go through bankruptcy first. This is your chance to get in early before they are taken over by an asset manager.

The $399 certification program consists of 5 modules:

  1. Bankruptcy Basics – So you can talk the talk
  2. Short sales and Consented sales – How do we get these deals approved by the banks and the courts
  3. Data Mining Opportunities – Every property in bankruptcy in your local market with contact information for the debtor’s attorney
  4. Understanding the Seller – Whether Trustee, Attorney, or Homeowner
  5. Working with BK Global – So you can walk the walk. We are here to work with you on these transactions so you can focus on bringing in new deals.

The $59/month Data Plan

  • You get 3 months of this included with your $399 certification
  • After 3 months you will pay monthly for as long as you wish to pursue these listings.

If you are a real estate agent or broker and have not yet completed the Bankruptcy Specialist Certification Course, click here to get started.